Replacing Wooden Windows

To replace old windows with new wooden translucent structures, you will have to think in advance about how to fix the window. For a wooden house, the best solution is to attach directly to the casing. If there are mortgages in a stone or brick house, this option is also optimal. However, if the opening is deformed by more than 1 cm / 1 m (the above-described difference between the lengths of the diagonals of the opportunity), it is necessary to stop on the anchorage. For reinforced concrete block houses, in the absence of mortgages, only an anchorage is possible.

The way of fastening also determines the direction of opening. So, with a significant shrinkage of the building, even two primary mechanisms in the window – doubling the risk of jamming. Therefore, if the house has given a sharp and uneven shrinkage, it is better to limit oneself when replacing wooden windows with new windows made of oak, pine or larch with only one opening mechanism – a swinging or folding one.