Replacing Old Windows In York Pa. 

 When it comes to replacement windows, you can invite experts or do everything yourself. And everyone chooses for themselves which option is closer to him. Those who prefer to perform repairs with their own hands and our material is intended. Today, we will disclose some secrets of home masters, thanks to which you can significantly reduce the cost of replacing windows in a wooden house or a paneled high-rise building.

Preparing The Opening

First of all, it should be noted that replacing old replacement windows with new wooden windows in a wood, brick or panel house is a process that requires at least the basic carpentry. Otherwise, it is better to immediately entrust this operation to professionals, such as Susquehanna Valley Door and Window, so as not to pay subsequently for correcting mistakes.

The first thing that needs to be analyzed in the window opening of the stone house (even before the old window is removed) is whether there is a lintel (a structural element that is fundamentally important for the entire structure) or (if it is an old building) a stone or brick “castle”. The exception here is the panel houses, where the lintel as such is not needed – the reinforced concrete structures themselves are made initially with window openings. If the lintel is missing (that is, the window structure itself is support for part of the load-bearing wall), it is better to postpone independent work and seek the help of specialists.

At the second stage, we clean the opening, removing the slopes along the perimeter, removing the window sill. In the presence of mortgages will also have to check their condition (using conventional shoe silk), if necessary replace.

Now you can make measurements. Measurements are made by laying in a stone house or casing in a wooden house. Measures should be carried out using a level to allow for shrinkage at home. As a rule, you are dealing with a hole in a not quite regular shape. Accordingly, the window should subsequently be slightly smaller than the rectangle obtained as a result of measurements. By the way, to make sure of the correctness of analyses, compare the length of two intersecting diagonals – if these numbers are identical, the sizes are correct. It should also take into account the “placement” gaps from 1.5 cm to 2.5 cm on the right, left and top, and from 4 to 6 cm from the bottom.

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